What does it mean to live in your full, mature manliness?

How can you show up more fully in your relationships, your work and society?

How can you become a better leader of yourself and others through uncertain times?

Spirit of Man offers personal and spiritual development adventures for men in inspiring natural environments. We tune into the sensory wealth and wisdom of 3.8 billion years of nature to access our inner nature. 

We identified a need for men to have their own forum for meeting, sharing  and supporting each other along their spiritual, personal development journey. This is why we started Spirit of Man. Now, with many miles walked, we know the value of journeying on these adventures together!

We are passionate about supporting men who are ready to embark on their spiritual journey and to live life to their fullest potential!

We do this through our Tribe membership, our 48 week online program and in hiking adventures. Using well grounded and proven tools we always aim to make our work powerful, life-affirming and fun!

Here are some of the other ways you can engage with us...

Receive support from us and other committed men through our online membership and programmes, weekend hikes and longer treks!

  • Spirit of MAN

    “I am so grateful to have shared this journey with these 10 wonderful men who shared so much of their deep thoughts!! Dare to be true to yourself!”

  • Spirit of MAN

    “For me, the trip worked well throughout hiking in fantastic surroundings with good company and solitude in appropriate doses!”

  • Spirit of MAN

    ““A very positive and exciting trip! The environment and the safe space that Mark and Martin created made us all open up for powerful sharings and thrilling life stories. Thanks a lot for these amazing days!” ”