Terms and conditions

Terms to agree on if you join an online course or program

  • You have a 2 week full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.
  • The worksheets, where you are invited to make notes throughout the course/program, can be read by the teachers. This is so we can provide the best value in our support to you and our facilitation of the group (if that´s included). No other member can read your worksheets. Upon request, we will erase them. If you leave the program, we will also erase them.
  • If the course includes any group gatherings or online sharings: You respect the integrity of the group and each member within it and that everything shared in online gatherings or in other communications stays within the group.

Terms to agree on as a member of the Spirit of MAN Tribe

  • We all base our understanding in the scientific fact that everything is connected and communicate with each other on a quantum physic level, even if we don’t have all the answers to why and how.
  • All members understand that their personal belief is their “theory of life´s mystery" according to their own experiences.
  • All members respect and honor other members beliefs and their way of reasoning, because that´s "their theory" and their story.