Martin and Mark

Two men in our best years, at least that's what we think ; ). We are passionate about guiding other men to reaching their full potential and living their lives to the full.

We know that we humans possess the ability to change everything through our choices and our attitude. We know this because neither of us have  chosen the straight path but instead the path that has offered us the greatest development. We have been doing this, each in his own way, for many years.

We now choose to share our experiences, both from our own lives and as professional change coaches. We bring you new exciting tools from the very latest in science that facilitate your change and your path to a richer life.

We do this because we have come to the conclusion that the journey towards a better and more just world begins with ourselves. Your inner change gives a clear echo to everything and everyone around you.

We stand honoured and ready to guide responsible, brave men who decide to step forward and contribute to a better world on all levels.

It is our highest calling and we do it because we love it!

Martin Tufvesson

Coach, Facilitator, Entrepreneur, Speaker who is passionate about personal development. Experienced organiser of adventurous, themed, group trips at home in Sweden and abroad.

Many years' experience of guiding others on their journey and personal development.

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Porträtt Mark

Mark Henderson

Entrepreneur, Sustainable Business Leader and Leadership Trainer, Mentor & Transformational Change Coach. Mark grew up in Scotland, and happily shares some of Scotland's history and deepest secrets. He has a strong connection to nature and is an advocate of seeking answers in nature, irrespective of the question!

Many years' experience of guiding others on their journey and personal development.

Epoch Times intervjuade Martin och Mark och resultatet blev en fin artikel om Spirit of Man som du kan läsa här eller ladda ner:

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Epoch Times Artikel juli 2023